Open Gallery Night

The Second cultural event that I attended was the second annual Open Gallery Night. That was on Friday April eighth twenty eleven. This gallery exhibition was open to all art students. It occurred in the Dance studio here at Stritch. Most people were able to display their work on music stands. Others were able to use tables and easels. Everyone who signed up was able to show a number of pieces. Wither their medium was painting, drawing, photography, or graphic design. I believe there were around 18 students who participated in the event.

I was one of the students who got to exhibit their work. Being a photo major, I showed five of my photographs. In my photo four class we are trying to go deeper into the subject in which we enjoy photographing. One thing I enjoy photographing are objects. In class I photographed an antique clock. So Tim challenged me to continue photographing antique objects. Then try to use the lighting that would have been used in its day. I added my own twist by adding red. That gave of my pictures a unifying quality.

This show was great opportunity. I was proud to show of my work. I felt good when I saw people looking at y work. I got a lot of good feedback. They liked how my images looked and that they were apart of a series. Ne thing that really felt good, was when someone mentioned how much they licked the lighting. That’s one thing I was going for. It is also something I’m trying to get batter at.

So all in all, the open gallery night was a great experience. It was great for people to come and look at my work, but it was also fun to see ever one elses work. The only bad thing to say about the experience is that was too long. Or maybe it should have started an hour or two sooner. By ten o’clock I was ready to leave. Other than that,it was a great experience. Now I am looking forward to the next one.

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