Cultural paper- Gallery Night

March fourth twenty eleven, there was a gallery opening at Cardinal Stritch University.  As usual, I was the photographer for the evening.  This was a great show.  This opening was featuring two alumni graduates.  Frank Korb and Michael Stanford Foster.  Both artists filled the gallery with a series of paintings.

A similarity between Michael and Frank’s work, is they both chose people as their main subject.  Both putting their own twist on it.  Michael’s paintings were so life-like.  He was able to catch the lighting so well.  I think that is how he was able to make his paintings look so real.

Frank’s work is a little more abstract.  I thought his paintings were so interesting.  He used so many different colors.  the paintings are made of organic shapes.  But you can still tell what the main subject is.

I think that I found his work really interesting, because it reminded me a little of my paintings.  One thing I like to photograph is architecture.  So I took pictures I’ve taken, and I would paint them in black and white using shapes.  During the show I had the chance to ask him about his work.  I got to find out his process and a few tips on how I can make my paintings better.  It was a great opportunity.

The show as a whole had a great atmosphere.  It had a great crowd.  After the show, I was inspired to paint.  I’m really glad I got the chance to go to this show.

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