Gabriella and Susan


It all starts out in a small run down place, on an empty street, on the outskirts of England. Above the door of this small run down place, is a sign that reads “Orphanage”.  The place looks dark like no ones home.  But that assumption would be a mistake.  For inside the orphanage is a cold and dark room.  The room is made of cold brick walls and a cold cement floor.   Within this room you can see eight beds.   In the corner on a little table, is a candle.  It shines a little light, but not much.  Just enough light to see that there are two figures in the room.  Two small figures, of two young girls.

From these lightly lit figures you could see that they both looked very much a like.  They looked like sisters.  Both of them having pretty blond hair.  One girl bigger and is obviously older than the other.  The young girl says, “Gabriella, are we ever going to get adopted?  Doesn’t anyone love us?  Gabriella responds, someday Susan.  Someday soon, you’ll see.  A great family will come and takes us from this place.  They’ll love us don’t worry.  What ever happens, we will have each other.

But this isn’t what their life looks like anymore.  Their dreams of being adopted finally came true.  About a month ago they were adopted by a great family. A family who has enough money to provide for all of their needs.  Who cares and loves them.

One particular day that stands out in the girls’ minds is the first Easter with their new family.  It was the first holiday they got to share with their new parents. It was along day, but it was a great day.  First the girls got to go shopping with their new mom.  They went shopping for their Easter dresses. This was an exciting event for them because neither of them have gone shopping before.  They were excited they got to help pick out their very own dress.

Later that that day they went to church for an Easter service.  When the family got there, everyone wanted to meet Gabriella and Susan.  They all thought they were truly adorable.  Gabriella and Susan were amaized by this kind of attention, and thought they could get used to it.  They had never gotten so much attention before.

At the end of the evening there was a photographer who was taking family portraits.  The parents wanted a picture of their two, new, beautiful daughters.   This was another new activity to them.  They got in front of the camera, after a long day.  They were a little nervous but, still thought it was fun.

All in all this was one of the best days of their life.  They got the family they always wished for.  They were loved and safe.  But, most importantly they were still together.

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One Response to Gabriella and Susan

  1. timothy abler says:

    Good story Naomi,
    I especially like how you incorporate a “flashback technique” in order to shed light on the girls situation. Adoption was (and still is) a challenging problem for many siblings.
    You gave your story a very positive outcome which is reflected in your photograph.

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