Dana Gallagher- photo 2

This is the second Image by Dana Gallagher I chose to emulate.  It’s a collection of many spoons.  One thing that is interesting is that none of the utensils are the same.  They are all silver, which is the unifying quality.  But, they all have their special personality.  Some have more intricate details than others.  You might think that these are just every day spoons you use to eat and cook with.  Dana found a way to make these pieces art. 

Photographing the silver spoons on a black background really makes them stand out.  It looks better that they didn’t blend them into the background, by using a white.   What also caught my eye is the green background.  It adds a little color pop to the photograph.  The green shows that it just wasnt done in black and white, it is indeed a color image.  The green also adds another layer.  It’s a creative, unique image that I really like.

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