Milwaukee art museum

Down by the art museum, there is a  new exhibition.  But these art pieces arent inside.  These pieces are on the outside, on the bridge that goes over Lincoln Memorial drive.  MPS had a high school do paintings of flowers.  My brother is one of the artists who painting is hanging up.  His actually got hung up sideways, so I didn’t recognize it at first.  He goes to Ronald Regan High school.  That’s where most of these painting are from, if not all of them.  I would say that some of the painting are good.  They are done on convus.  I don’t know what kind of paint all of them used, but my brother used acrylic.  Hanging painting outside on the bridge of the art museum was a neat idea, but it wasnt the best idea.  Its been really wind and rainy lately.  I don’t think that is very good for these painting.  This morning when I went past I could see that my brothers painting is fading some.  Unless that was the idea of hanging them them, I don’t think it was a great idea.

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