live video

So I had another great experience at church this past sunday.  The past few weeks I have been helping out the media area at church.  I helped with shading.  That is changing the aperture for the main camera.  Wither the video feed was too bright or too dark, it’s the shader’s job to adjust the levels to make it look good.  Another job that I have been able to try out is the switcher.  The switchers job is to switch between cameras.  At Elmbrook we have three cameras.  So that gives the switcher 3 vantage points to go between.  Switching is either done by cutting from one camera to another, or fading from one to the next. 

But this last sunday I got to be on Camera 3.  That was a really fun experience.  I’ve done camera work before, but nothing like this.  I’ve never done anything that was going to be shown live.  So I was a little nervous.  But once I started, and got used to the camera I loved it.  I was able to put everything that I leaned in my video classes into practice.  The director gave me a few tasks to do, and was surprised it was my first time doing camera work at church.  So it felt good to be able to use everything that I have learned, nd for the director to like it.  It was a fun experience, and I cant wait to do it again.

You can look at it at under sermons.

There are 3 vantage points. Left, center, and right.  my view is from the right.

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