Art Wolfe

Art Wolfe, a world-renowned photographer.  He is a photographer who travels all over the world to take pictures.  He is known for his color photographs of wildlife and nature.  He has going to some of the most remote place that most people don’t know exist.  He searches for beautiful landscapes.  He tries to find a location that tells a story.  Either using the animals, or the people and the cultures.  Art tries to shed light on things that important about.  By photographing a these situations he is trying to get others to care.  He wants to motivate people to care.  

one of the ways he tries to connect the viewer, is through the composition of the image.  When Art is making a portrait of someone, he has them look straight into the camera.  So he is the person is not only looking in to the camera lens, they are also looking in to the eyes of the viewer.  That definitely grabs a persons attention.

Since he travels to places all over the world, there is a language barrier.  But one thing that helps him gain the trust of the people is the camera.  Art lets the people take a picture of him first.  Then he shows them the picture.  Another way he breaks the barrier is by taking a portrait of them, then he shows them.  In some remote places, some of the people have never seen what they look like and love are amazed when they see the picture of themselves.  He also like the people many of his photographs at the end of his shoot.  He says that is one of his favorite part of the visit.  When he photographs a culture he makes shure he is showing them in a good light and being respectful.   

Since Art travels a lot, he needs to be able to get around with not much trouble.  He travels with a small team.  And he also travels with the essential equipment.  He light also travel with a tranlter to help with the cultural barrier.  He is an amazing photographer, and his images are so beautiful.  He gets so close  to the animals its amazing. 

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