David Hockney

This week my photo class went to the Haggerty Museum of art at Marquette University.  The exhibition being displayed there is called “The Truth is Not in the Mirror”.  There were many powerful images being displayed representing all sort of situations.  One of the images stuck out at me.  It wasn’t the photograph that grabbed my attention, it was the style in which it was composed.  The art piece was done by David Hockney.  See it wasn’t just a simple image, it was a college of many images.  All of the smaller images put together made up the large one.  The whole piece was of a womans face.  So individual pieces were small parts of her face.  Like one was her left eye.  Another small image was her right eye.  When all the pictures are put together the image becomes clear, even though it isn’t what we are used to seeing.

Using the collage method can also manipulate what it is that you are seeing.  Some images might have small depth of field and  some things will be out of focus.  But using individual images, everything can be in focus.  You can also make images larger than normal if it was just one continuous picture.  I think the idea of using a collage to create an image is very creative.  As I was looking at David Hockney’s work I felt like that was something that I really want to try.


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