Sand Castles

Sand castles a childs pass time on the beach.  Sand castles are a family tradition when sand is involved.  whether its on a beach or in a sand box, a sand castle is like candy to a childs eye.  They want to build one, and make it as large as they possibly can.  When the castle gets larger than the child, they get really excited.  It’s a great way to bring a family close together.  But now-a-days, sand castles have really evolved into something much more.  It not just something for kids to build.  Sand castles has become a competitive activity.  The are becoming bigger and more elaborate.  They’re not just sand castles anymore, but have turned in to sand sculptures.  Even the tools have changed.  Instead of using little shovel and pales, sculpting tools are the way to go.  Much more accurate, and easier to use on such large structures.  whether you are a person make sand castles for fun, or making sand sculptures for a compitition it should still be about having fun!

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