One channel that I enjoy watching, but don’t get the chance to very often, is food network.  The way the chefs prepare and plate the food, it all very interesting.  It can also be considered a work of art.  There are a number of competition type shows on the channel, that are all about presentation.  From cupcakes, to chocolate, and even a 3 coarse meal.  Their food is usually judged on taste, creativity, and display.  Presentation now a days, is as important as how the food tastes.  If the food doesn’t look appealing, it less likely that someone is going to want to eat it.  Food photography has become a very interesting  category.   They way food is photographed can take something that is plain and make it exciting or sophisticated.  Food photography can be seen virtually everywhere and on everything. 

For tips on food photogoraphy you can visit:

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