Cowboy’s stadium

The new Cowboy’s stadium is not just a sports arena for a foot ball team.  It can also be considered a piece art.  The structure is very modern and flashy.  It is the world’s largest domes structure.  Unlike all the other stadiums, the Cowboy stadium also contains art.  The art was done by 17 independent artists.  The art pieces are scattered all around the stadium.  The pieces really seem to brighten and liven up the spaces.  The pieces also seem to fit well into the space.  Some of them are very modern just like the architecture. That makes the stadium that much more spectacular.  The pieces at the stadium are connected to the art museum.  That way people can get a ticket to visit both places.  So it is like a little mini art museum that the fans can enjoy while going to watch a football game.

Wayne Gonzales

Terry HaggertyTrenton Doyle

Ricci AlbendaTeresita Fernandez

Mel BochnerOlafur Eliasson

Matthew Ritchie

Lawrence Weiner

Jim Isermann

Jacqueline Humphries

Gary Simmons

Franz Ackermann

Doug Aitken

Dave Muller

Daniel Buren

Annette Lawrence

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