Manfred Stader

Side walk chalk isn’t only for children, it is also for adults.   Drawing on the ground can be a lot fun, a pass time that I enjoyed.  Drawing little dogs, faces, rainbows, ice cream cones and everything else that surrounded us.  It was a way for a kid could draw on something other than paper, and not get in trouble for it.  It was exciting.  In some cases that feeling doesn’t go away even as adults.  There are some artists who can creat beautiful sidewalk drawings using sidewalk chalk.  Manfred Stader was excellent using chalk.  He expanded even further than just the sidewalk.  He likes to draw on a number of surfaces, outside and inside.  He has even done some drawings on walls.  His specialty is 3D drawings.  Some of them are truly amazing.  They look so real.  It’s hard to believe that it is just a drawing.  Take a look for your self.

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