Media control room


On Friday evening there was an event at Elmbrook church in Brookfield.  It was the 5th anual “Evening with the Briscoes”.  The event was about worship, fellowship, and teaching with Stuart, Jill and Pete Briscoe.  This was a large event to spread God message further than ever before.  With the internet, the Briscoes are ale to reach a far greater audience.

My dad was one of the camera men for the event, so I got to go along.  While I was there I got to see what happened behind the scenes.  For the event there are three cameras.  I got to watch the event from the media control room.  From there I could see the live feed from all three cameras, what was being aired on the internet, and what was being shown on the mega screen the audiense was able to see. 

Controlling part of the media control room was a shader.  They control the lighting from the camera feed.  Either lightening or darkening the shots, depending on what it needs.  The second person being the director who also controlled the switch board.  It was a fun thing to watch and at times went very fast.  I got to observe for about an hour and then I was given the opertunity to try out the switch board.  Having to cut the three cameras during the sermins.  Then fading during the music.  I also got to listen to the directer tell the camera men what shots he wanted.  All in all it was an interesting a fun experience.

Here is the link to the Briscoes page.

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