10 final images

During the semester, in my photo four class we are trying to go deeper into the subject in which we enjoy photographing. I photographed antique objects that were important to me.  Then I tried to use the lighting that would have been used originally.  So these are my final ten images.

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The Drowsy Chaperone

The last cultural event that I decided to attend was the Drowsy Chaperone.  It is the last play of the year the theater department is putting on here at Cardinal Stritch University.  I went to the performance on Friday April twenty-ninth, twenty eleven.  I ushered for the show, like I usually do for all the plays.  So that is why I don’t have a ticket.

The Drowsy Chaperone is a musical.  It has a lot of singing and dancing.  From what everyone was telling I knew the play was going to be good.  The actors said it was really funny, and enjoyable.  I like musicals, and so I was excited to see the play.

Once the play started, it grabbed my attention.  It started with Trevor on stage as the narrator.  He was onstage the entire time, telling the audience what was going on and a bunch of background information.  He did a great job memorizing all of those lines, and making it look effortless.

The atmosphere was also very good.  Everyone was laughing and getting into the play.  My favorite part came near the end.  Trevor is listening to this play using records.  At one point the power goes out, and once it comes back on, he asks the audience if he should start the play over again.  During the show I sat with Melissa Webb, and at that point she yelled out “NO”.  I don’t know if Trevor was expecting such a strong no.  It was pretty funny.

So the whole play was great.  The entire cast did a great job with their dancing and singing.  They always do a great job.  The play seemed to flow at a good pace.  All the scenes worked well together.  It was glad I was able to see the play.  I wanted to go and support the graduating seniors.  I think they did a great job with not only the acting, but with the set design.  For their last performance, it was great!

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Beauty and the Beast


Attending a Broadway play is one thing that I have always wanted to do. The one show that I really wanted to see, was Beauty and the Beast. It was one of my favorite movies growing up. I’ve seen the version put on in Disney world. But that is nothing compared to see in it on a stage in New York. I have never been to New York and I am still waiting for that chance. In the mean time I was able to experience something similar. Last December I found out that Beauty and the Beast was going on tour, and that it was coming to Milwaukee. I was so excited and got tickets for Christmas. So on Friday, April fifteenth twenty- eleven I went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Milwaukee theater.

That is the first time I think I have ever seen a play there. Well its one of the only professional play that I have ever been to. Walking into the theater, see everyone dressed up. I felt like I was in New York. The ceiling was so cool. There was a wall of mirrors that made the ceiling look like it would continue. It was such a great atmosphere.

My mother and I went to see the play. We had good seats. We were in the balcony, fourth row, center. The play was exhalent. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I had only seen this play where the characters looked more like the movie. For this play you could tell who the characters where, but they weren’t as animated. I wasn’t sure how I would like that, but it was great. Like in all plays, they added extra scenes. I thought they worked well with the flow of the play. It was so colorful. One character everyone seemed to love was chip, a little boy. I think he had the most applause and he had the smallest part. All the actors did a great job. They all helped you feel like you were apart of the play.

This was a great version of a movie that I love. The play ended up exceeding my expectations. I can’t wait to see it again, which probably will not be for awhile. wither that play, or another play at the Milwaukee theater. Either way I enjoy going to plays. I can’t wait to go again.

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Dana Gallagher- photo 10

This is the tenth photographed that I chose to emulate.  I thought th image looked very elegant.  It has a lot of clean lines and a soft glow.  It just looks ver beautiful.  It is very white and clean, and I like how Dana adds the green.  It adds more depth to the image.  It also gives it another element for the viewers to look at. It helps to show what the product is.  Helps to see the product in the center.  Without he cups of green it might not look as great.  So the composition looks great.  As a whole it is a strong image.  One that would definitely be found in a magazine.

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Open Gallery Night

The Second cultural event that I attended was the second annual Open Gallery Night. That was on Friday April eighth twenty eleven. This gallery exhibition was open to all art students. It occurred in the Dance studio here at Stritch. Most people were able to display their work on music stands. Others were able to use tables and easels. Everyone who signed up was able to show a number of pieces. Wither their medium was painting, drawing, photography, or graphic design. I believe there were around 18 students who participated in the event.

I was one of the students who got to exhibit their work. Being a photo major, I showed five of my photographs. In my photo four class we are trying to go deeper into the subject in which we enjoy photographing. One thing I enjoy photographing are objects. In class I photographed an antique clock. So Tim challenged me to continue photographing antique objects. Then try to use the lighting that would have been used in its day. I added my own twist by adding red. That gave of my pictures a unifying quality.

This show was great opportunity. I was proud to show of my work. I felt good when I saw people looking at y work. I got a lot of good feedback. They liked how my images looked and that they were apart of a series. Ne thing that really felt good, was when someone mentioned how much they licked the lighting. That’s one thing I was going for. It is also something I’m trying to get batter at.

So all in all, the open gallery night was a great experience. It was great for people to come and look at my work, but it was also fun to see ever one elses work. The only bad thing to say about the experience is that was too long. Or maybe it should have started an hour or two sooner. By ten o’clock I was ready to leave. Other than that,it was a great experience. Now I am looking forward to the next one.

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Cultural paper- Gallery Night

March fourth twenty eleven, there was a gallery opening at Cardinal Stritch University.  As usual, I was the photographer for the evening.  This was a great show.  This opening was featuring two alumni graduates.  Frank Korb and Michael Stanford Foster.  Both artists filled the gallery with a series of paintings.

A similarity between Michael and Frank’s work, is they both chose people as their main subject.  Both putting their own twist on it.  Michael’s paintings were so life-like.  He was able to catch the lighting so well.  I think that is how he was able to make his paintings look so real.

Frank’s work is a little more abstract.  I thought his paintings were so interesting.  He used so many different colors.  the paintings are made of organic shapes.  But you can still tell what the main subject is.

I think that I found his work really interesting, because it reminded me a little of my paintings.  One thing I like to photograph is architecture.  So I took pictures I’ve taken, and I would paint them in black and white using shapes.  During the show I had the chance to ask him about his work.  I got to find out his process and a few tips on how I can make my paintings better.  It was a great opportunity.

The show as a whole had a great atmosphere.  It had a great crowd.  After the show, I was inspired to paint.  I’m really glad I got the chance to go to this show.

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Dana Gallagher- photo 9

This is the ninth image that I wanted to emulate.  When I saw this image on Dana’s website I thought it was really interesting.  The slices are so thin that there almost ghost like.  This image also has a little quality of being photoshopped.  It almost don’t look real to me.  I don’t know if it is real or if it has been manipulated on the computer.  Either way, I thought it was interesting.  I like the yellow color against the white plate.  The white plate was a nice touch.  Its food, and it makes sense that it’s on a plate.

So when I saw this image it reminded me of my grape images.  I cut the grapes so that more light would shine through.  So I thought they both kinds work together.

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